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Asperger Syndrome and Bipolar Disorders

Stop trying to cure us.

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This is a community for people with Asperger Syndrome and/or a Bipolar Disorder (or who think they may have one or more of these conditions) to talk freely with people who have similar experiences. People who have aspies and bipolars in their lives are also welcome.

Why Aspies and Bipolars together? There are some surprising similarities (and an equal number of differences), but these two "disorders" seem to relate well to each other, and understand and balance each other well.

There are no set rules right now on content, other than the usual prohibitions against flaiming. I want this to be a place where aspies and bipolars can talk freely about themselves and the things that affect them uniquely, with others who can understand where they're coming from. There will be some informational posts early on, but this place will be what you, as a community, make it.

No flaming or intentional unkindness will be tolerated here. You may be forthright and honest, but not disrespectful. Posting is unmoderated at present, but that may be subject to change. Please be good to each other. That's why we're here.