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ADMIN post: Harassment

Let me start by saying that I apologise for taking so long to ban omicronayin; I hadn't realised the extent of the harassment this user was inflicting on community members until today, when I looked back at previous comments to earlier posts.

I want this to be a community where people can be honest and open with each other, and help each other as we're able. Harassment simply has no place here. Please notify me directly (canciona at if you witness, or are the victim of any further harassment by this user, or any other, within this community.

If you have a question about whether a particular comment constitutes harassment, please bring it to me. If something said here makes you uncomfortable, I'd like to know about it, so that I can take whatever action may be necessary.

Thank you for your patience, and again, I apologise for not taking these steps sooner. With your help, I can be more aware of everything that goes on here, and prevent such abuse from continuing.
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Brain flu

My doc still isn't convinced I have bipolar. Perhaps some of you will be able to relate to the following scenario that occurred over the past couple of weeks in my life. Last weekend (leading to July 4th), nothing could slow me down. I was running around with friends, staying up late, skipping meals, going to crowded places and enjoying myself, when ordinarily it would cause major anxiety. This weekend, I started to slow down, spent too much time alone, got very introspective and by yesterday, was extremely down, crying, curled up in bed and thinking self-destructive thoughts. I called a few friends, one of them took me home to stay with her for the night, and by this morning, I was feeling well enough to walk home.

So the analogy - big party weekend followed by feeling gradually more unwell, a sinking sensation in the pit of your gut, then sudden, uncontrollable puking, and once it's out of your system, feeling drained and weak, but able to begin recovering, but wary of anything you did before you got sick, for fear the cycle will repeat.

I'd appreciate comments/feedback to take to my doc next time I go, which will be soon.
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So, besides knowing the mental health on my mom's side and being worried more than slightly... Um... Has anyone else noticed that you can sometimes tell up to a week or more when someone is going to swing? Can you tell before you swing? I don't mean knowning the exact date and time and all that... I know that, and you will all probably think I'm strange, but I know that my mom feels different before. Engery seems to up around her... Like she's projecting a shield or her own no fly zone or something...

Anyways, erm, glad to know you all. And I'm very grateful for any sort of answer.

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A small hello...

Hello, I'm Charlie and just a few days ago, I was told I had very slight AS. They tested me for it and it came back that I did have it. I only know a little about, but I thought I say hello...I didn't know of this community, but Crsty1961 told me of this place, so I have since joined. :)

So, hello everyone. :D

Cross-posted like heck

Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I am an instructional aide at PACE (Pacific Autism Center for Education; I would very much like to atart working with my student towards him writing poetry. I have seen autism netverse and some of the work there is AMAZING! However, being new to the field, I am unsure how exactly to go about it. I have talked somewhat with my teacher, but wanted other points of view and resources as well. If anyone has any or can point me to some, I will love you forever and name my firstborn after you :-)

More specifically, while I despise cinquains and diamantes and things of that nature as being boring, anti-creative, and actually turning people off of poetry at a young age, I just now thought that an emulation of a poem (basically making a Mad Lib out of it) might be effective to start him down the path. What do ya'll think?