Jo (1_bluebubble) wrote in asbp,

My Brother Doesn't Want to Know

Okay, my brother, who is 19 and has Asperger's, doesn't talk about or acknowledge he has it. I've never talked to him about it before either. It's just, he is how he is and I love him anyway and I give him advice to the best of my ability and we just deal with his little 'tendencies'.

Well, I helped him out by having him move to this state to live with me for a little while. He had more chances of finding a job here with me than where he was living with our parents. He got a job, and they kind of screwed him over the other day. He gave them a heads up that come June, he will be leaving the state. He was scheduled to work yesterday and I brought him to work. Then they told him he wasnt' working because they cut his hours. WTF? He picked up his schedule for next week and they have him scheduled for ZERO hours. He didn't understand...June is more than a couple of weeks away...I told him it sounds like they are being vindictive he is leaving. He went in there again to talk to the manager, to be sure that they are aware he is leaving in June, not NOW. He said she was very nice to his face, but she would turn her head and look at the girl next to her, kind of making a face.

Now I know at least with my brother and from what I understand with Asperger's, but they don't really read body language from others well, and from what he described, it was hard for me to determine if my brother was pestering her, (which, he does ask a lot of questions, but we're used to it--outsiders may not be aware, but it's not intentional) or if she was really just being a bitch.

So while I was talking to him, he was really offended thinking she was being a bitch. I tried to get him to understand, that people don't know him, or know his condition, are going to lose patience with him. He asked what condition. I told him his Asperger's Syndrome. He got all offended, "I'm not retarded!" I told him no, he's not retarded. I never said he was retarded. He said he didn't know, but as I kept assuring him its ok and I know he knows, then he brought up how in middle school when he was diagnosed the kids in school called him retarded and stuff. I told him kids are mean and its because they don't understand. He just wanted to drop the subject and not talk about it anymore.

I don't want him to be like this. I want him to understand everything about himself. Wouldn't it make his life easier, rather than living with the paranoia and misunderstandings, especially now that he is an adult and will be interacting with people more on his own than having me or our parents around?
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