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Self Diagnosis?

I don't recall ever being diagnosed as having Asperger's, but lately I am really beginning to think I might have it. I was in the university life for 7 years, then after I left it, the possibility of having it seems more real. Universities have social rules that the rest of the world does practice, and perhaps, such environments are comfortable for people with Asperger's. For example, it has been hard for me to grasp the fact that even people who are capable of it do not want to have discussions about deep sociological matters or the meaning of life every moment of the day. In the university setting, one is more likely to be able to have intellectual stimulation constantly, but the rest of the world isn't often like that.

Also I was working with kids with disabilities after graduate school. I related to them real well. There was this one autistic kid who had great social difficulties. The other staff just could not figure out how to integrate him into the social environment. Then ironically, I was assigned the task of helping him with social skills. This is ironic because I have a hard time making friends and could never understand how effortlessly people did it, but my presence really made a difference and he underwent a 180 degree change! Instead of going home crying, he went home telling his parents how much fun he had in school. Could it because he finally found an adult who understands life from his point of view?

Also since graduate school, I have lived in the Twin Cities, and find the place very cold and ailenating. How do people go to cities and find friends? I finally realized it's something about pockets: you find smaller environments where you can get to know people, which is better than approaching random strangers. I don't understand the logic of cities or suburbs. However do people make friends if all they do is talk on their cell phones and stay inside their suburban prisons?

I wrote an entry about self diagnosing my potential Asperger's Syndrome. I ask how many of you are self diagnosed and what validity do people attribute to self diagnosis? With alcoholism, you may go to a support group and say, "I'm an alcoholic", but how often does it work the same way with Asperger's?

If you are interested and I hope you are, here is a journal entry where I self diagnosis:
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