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bouncy, pouncy, brave and adventurous. I took myself out to see HUMANWINE last night, on recommendation from a friend. The drummer plays in the Dresden Dolls, a duo I really like. It was a smallish venue, not crowded, and the band ROCKED! The only gal dancing harder than I was couldn't have been much more than half my age ;) Then again, I've never seen the point of acting my age, so I don't. Bought the CD and would love for friends to hear it. I found myself singing along to music I'd never heard - rather magical. Losing myself in the movement is a new experience for me, one that I am beginning to seek out, and value deeply. Too many years of being terribly self-conscious. Ick. Walking through downtown in the snow last night was lovely. Terrible dissonance when I saw the old-fashioned gas lights out front of Hooters. Who the hell thought that one up?

My general mood upswing started on Saturday, thanks to great quantities of hugs and snuggles from lovely people, and my own ever-changing brain chemistry. I enjoy the hyper bit, and seem to keep my common sense about me most of the time. Have to admit that Monday night I was a bit over the top, but no harm done. I have a feeling that I am floating closer to centered today. woke up early (before 7, anyway) and got chores done before coffee. Hmm, perhaps still buzzing a bit high. It's looking like a good day.
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