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hi y'all! :)

Hey peoples,

My name is Kristi (my Heathen/Asatru name is Sigrun). I am a 26 y/o Beeper romantically involved (and living with) with a 39 y/o Aspie. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in August 2002, and my boyfriend is an undiagnosed Aspie but he is aware that he has it and definitely fits a lot of the behaviors on the spectrum. I am currently living med-free because I was overmedicated for 4 years and I still have cognitive impairment from the medication: difficulty concentrating, speaking, short-term memory loss, etc. I was on a cocktail of 7+ meds, none of which helped. Since I attained a more holistic lifestyle (proper diet, exercise, and routine), I have been feeling a lot better. Anyhoo, my question is this. Both my boyfriend and I get bad cases of the "fuckits" and need to get more motivated to do things, such as work out, study, etc. How can I best help him, and how can he best help me?

Thanks and have a nice day :D
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