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conversation with a 12 year old

This all came about because I wore a tank top this morning instead of a t-shirt.
Falconboy: Mom, what's that on your neck?
M: A bruise
F: How'd you get it?
M: I got bit
F: What bit you? You always ask us about our bruises
M: A friend bit me
F:ooooo, is that a hickey?
M:yes, do you want to know more? (evidently, he didn't)

F then proceeds to grab the mouseboy and try to give him a hickey on the arm. I stopped him and said that one of the rules is that BOTH people have to say it's ok. He's going to be a fun teenager, I can tell already. I keep hoping that his social skills deficits will diminish over time, and that he doesn't lag any farther behind his younger brothers than he does now. My best option, as far as I can tell, is open, honest communication and explaining social situations in pretty concrete terms. Time to reread the book about Aspergers and adolescence. Feedback and advice on how to help him learn teen socialization welcomed.
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