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Heyla! Anyone home? I have bipolar (primarily depressive), 20+ years of chronic pain (that's not having a day without pain... I hurt before that, but not every day osteoarthritis for the main, 7 knee surgeries), and just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia this year. But as to why I'm here! My 13 year old son is bipolar/ADD and just got a provisional diagnosis of Asperger's (provisional because of not having had enough tests done). Everyone in my family went, "Oh that is soooOOOOooo not a shock". He has a 15 (16 in August) sister who is bipolar/ADD/anxiety disorder and their father is rapid cycle bipolar with paranoid tendencies (think daily swing, monthly swing, yearly swing... while on lithium that he takes regularly). My new husband is only ADD and rather... lost. Oh wait, I'm a bit lost too. Bipolar I know. Asperger's though, not so much. Pleh! Pleh! Anyone here a lifeguard? We're stuck in a small college town south of Nashville, TN and because of my knees I avoid driving like the plague so finding a social skills group is... so not going to happen (even if I had the money ::sigh::).

This is a boy who doesn't want friends. Mind you, I've only had one or two at a time my entire life. My mom is the same way. My daughter is the odd one in our family because I think she actually has about 6 or so. I'd just like him to at least have one so he has a chess partner. How do I help teach him to make friends? I've done the mom car talks (what is it about talking in the car that makes it easier to talk?) and he's reported very very overt gestures from other kids and his responses are beyond flat. If it wouldn't hurt so much (my IV when his sister was born hurt worse than the contractions) I'd tear out my hair. Honest. Okay, back to work.
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